Sandra & Bob Brewster

Sandra and Bob have been dancing for more than 40 years, Sandra being a qualified dance teacher ( Ass. NATD and Ass. UKA). She has also competed in several Sequence Dance Inventive competitions. Bob is the club chairman and MC and Sandra is the resident teacher.

Linda & Alan Howard

Linda and Alan began ballroom dancing in 2007 taking up sequence dancing in 2009 and joined the Gloucester House club in October of that year. They assist with making decisions on how the club is run and provide important support to the rest of the committee. Alan also arranges the music for the dance programme each week.

 Di & Graham Inkley

Di and Graham began dancing in April 2010 and joined the club at Gloucester House later that year. They arrange the dance programme each week and Di is also the club secretary.

Tina & Tony Higgins

Tina and Tony have been ballroom dancing together for over 25 years before turning to modern sequence dancing in 2012. Tony and Tina have recently achieved a teaching qualification from the ISTD under the tutelage of Julie Earnshaw. Tony is a now an associate member of the ISTD and both are members of the ISDC. Tina is the club treasurer and both assist Sandra with teaching at the club.